How to Have a Healthy Relationship: Building on the Basics

In February, 2014, Brian Swope, MFT and Danielle Adinolfi, MFT presented on and fostered a conversation about what a healthy relationship is, and how to integrate healthy relationship concepts into one’s life.


OurSecrets 2011

Modeled after Boston University’s PostSecretesque campaign, SPCC Director, Dr. Nobleza decided to organize a similar event here at Jefferson. A few weeks prior to the Wellness Fair & Flu Fest, boxes and postcards were placed around campus, allowing students to divulge their anonymous secrets. For those who did not fill out a postcard before Flu Fest, boxes and cards were on hand to do so. Writing down a secret earned one a free raffle ticket for a chance to win a wellness basket. As the boxes filled, the JeffHELP team began to place the cards onto scrubs, lab coats, and Jefferson tee shirts hung on a clothesline in the Conrady lobby. Students and staff could then view the ever- growing display and gather inspiration or maybe just the feeling that they are not alone in their own hopes and fears. Secrets ranged in tone from the comedic to heavily poignant. Click below to view the OurSecrets video.