Mindfulness Meditation Resources

If you are looking for Mindfulness Institute Resources (password protected) page, please click here.  For information about the Mindfulness Institute visit their website.

Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

Offered by Randi Platt, MEd, in collaboration with the Student Personal Counseling Center and JeffHELP.

meditation poseThis workshop is open to all TJU Students and TJUH House Staff.

We will be running this workshop continually throughout the academic year. Each mindfulness meditation series is comprised of four classes that meet once per week. Check the JeffHELP Calendar or email JeffHELP for more information.

If you are participating in the Mindfulness Meditation Workshop offered by Randi Platt, and would like a link to the syllabus, please click here

Below please find mindfulness exercise resources, as well as a bibliography of recommended literature.

Online Audio & Video Resources

mindfulness ball

UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness   Here you will find guided mindfulness meditations are available on this site, including body scans, seated meditations, and breathing meditation

UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center  Here you will also find guided mindfulness meditations, including breathing meditation, body scan, and body scan for sleep

Tara Brach -Guided meditations (A Moment of Calm, Gateway to Presence), and talks about mindfulness practice.

Two 10 minute meditations (body scan relaxation and awareness of breath)-Diane Reibel

Four-minute Meditation for Beginners by Jack Komfield

Guided mindfulness meditations with Aleeze Moss who is an instructor for the Thomas Jefferson Mirna Brynd Center Mindfulness Institute

You may also be interested in: Learning To Meditate On-Line Course


Chodron, Pema, How To Meditate: a Practical Guide To Making Friends With Your Mind. Sounds True, Boulder, CO, 2013.

Kabat-Zinn, Jon, Mindfulness for Beginners: Reclaiming the Present Moment-and Your Life, Sounds True, Boulder, CO, 2012

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